Would you say the quieter guy has an interest an the other is a friendly guy?

So i have had crush for a while. He works locally, when i walk past his shop
see him staring over. When i go in he looks fidgety an his eyebrows raise. He then wawatched me walk to the fridge to get a drink. When i got to counter, he was looking to the floor.

Then he looked up an said hello you alright. Then he overcharged me by accident an apologised for messing up. So overall he was nervous around me. Which makes me think i have an affect on him.

I went to see him today at his work but he wasn't on shift. So his colleague, was there. He was chilled, i wasn't nervous due to not liking him in that way. He had his mouth full of food an said he's starving. An was chatty for about 2-4 mins or so but did seem to want to continue chat but he must of been bored.

Noone was in shop but him so i guess its why. Comparing the two i feel like maybe guy i like is interested but shy?


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