Why do guys think the good guy finishes last? Are you willing to look as hard for her as she is to look for you?

Some girls want just looks, but there are those girls who are truly interested in a serious relationship, some guys just don't look hard enough.


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  • Because the "good guy" who proclaims to be a "good guy" probably isn't that much of a good guy to begin with.

    He's just as much of an enterprising opportunistic person as any , it's just that he takes a different approach. He expects return for his good deeds instead of doing good deeds just for the hell of it.

    Like a pseudo-hero that slips the damsel in distress after she's been "saved".

    It wouldn't be fair for me to judge them because there's a part of me that is that way too but then again when is it fair to judge lol

    • I agree with this. Thank you for your input!

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    • I guess, but if you want to look at it differently, both sexes expect to much. Sometimes the standards are to high, I blame social media and movies porpaganda etc ., sometimes you have to stop looking for the best of the best and look for what's the best for you.

    • I suppose... sigh.
      Anyway this is getting too mature for our age so.

      Titty , bum fart , shit cunt , dick.

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  • There might be a bit of truth to this 'myth'. A lot of nice guy do finish last, as in they go through highschool/post-secondary with not a single date, while the jocks who treat girls not so great seem to have a new one each week. This is a general trend that happens a lot more in secondary school, carrying over a bit into uni with most now primed to look at the dating scene that way.

    Nice guys tend to get less dates than the not so nice ones because in comparison, most girls will just find them boring. Girls will be naturally drawn to guys who exhibit their 'manliness' by playing school sports, being MVP, and are 'fun' at the afterparties/keg-stands.

    The 'nice girls' suffer just the same though. They usually get overlooked by the partying, popular guys. The nice guys tend to be too shy or feel as if they're undesired completely to approach them. &vice versa, of course. It's only once uni starts that a small portion of both parties grow a pair and are finally ready to join the dating scene.


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  • "the good guy finishes last" <---- that's a myth... who believes that?

    • Obviously a majority of people, I asked the question because of things I have been hearing along the grapevine.

  • Some guys just don't look hard enough? True. And some look very hard. As long as good =/= spineless all is fine.

  • Because in terms of what is hard versus easy for men to get, they do finish last.

  • i have a hard time believing girls care about more than just looks

    • I could very well say the same thing about guys. Want to take that high road, and aargue with me? or do you want to think for a few more seconds before you say something.

    • Girls are worse with it than

    • LOL looks being a bigger factor to who they're interested in with girls than boys would explain the huge lingerie/clothing/make-up industry I suppose? What's one of the main drives in a male, whether they want it to or not, when choosing a girl for guys? Sex. What factors indicate best who they'll go for, aside from sexual chemistry? Boobs, good body, hot face.

      What do girls look for most in a guy? Emotional support. For some girls, a 'manly' body is a must or big plus, but not all.

  • what is "looking hard enough"?

    • Looking had enough is not just oining over the one girl you know you don't have a chance with. Don't sit and wait ffor "fate" to be on your side because newsflash: it isn't and it never will be.

    • alright, so your definition of that means a guy who is just hopeful the entire time. yeah that happens to both guys and girls it seems.

    • Girls generally are the ones with tunnel vision, guys would be into dating a few girls.
      Unless you ask out guys that's insanely hypocritical by the way. If you do then, shitty luck.

  • Because it is simple reality! It may be difficult to see from a woman's biased viewpoint. But, the very act of showing respect to a woman can quickly render a man "unattractive" to the typical female mindset! It's amazing! If a man is respectful and kind to women, they typically cannot see him as "hot" even if he has a handsome face and an athletic body. Yet another man may be LESS giifted physically, but considered MORE attractive to girls because he acts towards them with teasing, boorish disregard! In other words... he's a jerk! The whole "jerk" fever thing is REAL and women need to stop denying it!


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