Why don't guys notice me?

When I go out guys never try to talk to me, but why? Is there a way to get them to notice me without seeming desperate?
What ever. Thanks for clarifying that so at least I know your not just a jerk.😃


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  • i think its because your ugly

    • I don't have a profile picture of myself so you wouldn't know.

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    • How would you know if she is ugly or not without a picture. She maybe ugly to someone and pretty to another and that goes for everyone.

    • anyone else have a better explanation

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  • cuz you probs aren't obvious enough. I've said this a lot. EYE CONTACT!!! its scary but it works. you gotta be obvious about it thoguh otherwise the guy won't risk approaching you for fear of rejection. you also can't look sad or angry, so dont have ur arms crossed, or headphones on if you want a guy to approach you.


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  • Maybe you just have a certain look. I naturally have a mean mug so many people are scared to approach me.

  • You're only fourteen, it's about popularity at that age. I never had guys approach me really until I was 18 lol.


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