Part one/two! Are all hockey guys assholes?

So there is a boy I've been talking to for awhile who lives about 7 hours away from me. He acts like he likes me and talks to me like he wants a relationship, but lately things hang been different! We hung this whole weekend when he came in for hockey but things have been different ever since. I'd meet him in person twice before this weekend after his games a few weeks ago it wasn't for very long but we talked for a few minuets before he left to go home and he asked if he could kiss me and I said yes so after that things where ok and we just seemed to be getting closer. Then last weekend he came in again and we basically spent the whole weekend together, as soon as he get here on Friday night he messaged me and asked to hang out so I picked him up and we went for a drive but the weather became bad so he invited me back to hang out with him at the hotel. So when we got to the hotel we went to his room and just hung out with his team mates, nothing strange we sat next to each other on the bed and he had his arm around me, he asked to talk pictures together and he sent a snapchat of us to all his friends calling me his missus, we made out once when we where alone and then I went home. The next day was Valentine's and he texted me asking if I wanted to go to coffee before his game so we went and had a nice date and then I went to watch his game everything was fine, it was a major game and they lost it so I didn't know what kind of a mood he would be in but he was ok and his whole team was telling him to kiss me so he did and then me and a few of my friends went back to hang out with the team. We all hung out in one of the rooms and watched the game and just talked but when everyone left him and I went back to his room to finished watching the game and he started tickling me and we ended up having sex which I wasn't expecting because we had never even said anything sexual to each other before. Go to my profile for the rest of the question


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  • Yea.. All of them are i guess. None can be good.


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