Signs that he's a shy guy?

Signs that he's a shy guy?


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  • Some basic shy guy signs are, he avoids unscripted social situations (casual conversation), he gets nervous or panicy when making long conversation sometimes breathing extra heavy or sweating, he often finds or makes up excuses to leave unscripted social situations.

    The reasons for this are not a reflection on you or weather or not he likes you. They are a reflection of his lack of social skills, and the fact that many people have taken this to mean that he is rude in the past, which only compounds the problem because he always feels like he needs to be the best conversationalist, but he has no idea how.

    Also, he may be very outgoing in other areas such as at work/school or with close friends, and be shy with you. This is because is social skills with women are not where the rest of his social skills are, it may also be that he likes you, which intensifies his anxiety, because he doesn't want to screw things up.

    Is there any guy in particular you are wondering about?

    • Yes. He constantly stares at me when I'm not looking, listens in when I talk with other people, watches me out of the corner of his eye and can't look me in the face when I talk to him. I like him a lot though:)

    • Lol definitely shy and definitely into you. Try spending some more time with him, flirting a little, above all make him feel like you like spending time with him, even if he is a bit socially awkward or there are long pauses in the conversation.

      Also, be ready to consider if you want anything to happen you might need to make the first move and ask him out. Many times shy guys have no idea that a woman likes him even if it is obvious to everyone else, and even if he does he has no idea how to proceed. Many times if you want something to happen to a shy guy you need to make the first move.

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  • He's quiet and doesn't talk to many people.

  • A shy guy will never approach you, will never try to make a move, flirt, and will tend to be reserved and not talk. He might be socially inept and awkward past that.

    • Could a shy guy be really popular and still have trouble talking to certain girls? or a certain girl?

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    • I do like him. We were friends in 7th grade but then drifted apart.. I now have a class with him and he constantly looks at me out of the corner of his eye and stares at me. I actually really really like him but I am at a loss as to how to either tell him or show him that I do.:///

    • Are you staring back as well? If you see him staring from the corner of his eye, he might like you. Try to get friendly with him, talk with him, see what types of things he's interested in and ask him out somewhere. Whatever you do, don't "hint" that you like him, though if you want to, it's alright to show "signs". Just don't make him too confused, and if needed, be direct with him. I don't know how well you know him, but it sounds like you guys are just starting to flirt and neither of you know how to. Just flirt and see where it takes you.

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