Why did he act so overly interested, then became short with his replies?

I don't get it. He started messaging me. He was afraid he offended me one time because I didn't reply right away like I had been, which implied he cared. Then, he kept sending me messages throughout the day the next day, just a few, and when I couldn't answer, he said, "No conversation today?" I told him how busy I had been and struck up a conversation, which turned out wonderful. The next day we had another conversation in which 50 Shades came up, and he said he got the vibe that I was more of a freak than a lover, and asked if he was wrong. I told him I wasn't really, just disappointed that the freakiness of the book didn't make it on screen. Then, he just kinda faded on me. He quit trying to keep the convo going. I complimented him on his Joker costume pic. He said it haf been modified a few times... I didn't know what to say so I asked where he was from (genuinely curious) and he told me with one word. That's all he said. I just got the vibe all of a sudden he was gone for some reason. No message today... am I missing something? Why go from overly interested to silent? I get the vibe that's he's much more of a lover, vanilla person, so maybe because I might be a little freaky, he's not interested? I don't know. Maybe he's just bored and talking to me to kill time. He just kinda seemed persistent, then stopped cold turkey. Maybe he's trying the "see if she comes after me" bullshit by pulling back.


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  • If he plays games just leave it. People who do all that "let's see if she chase me" and other games are just immature and don't make great relationships.


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