Is Niranavan real?

So, everyone thinks that this guy likes me but I'm not too sure. We can talk about anything, were always texting and he always responds ASAP. He calms me down during my panic attacks and all that stuff too. He even gave me the answers to a geography quiz that I was going to take! He's also always looking at me in class and in the halls. He teases me a lot. And the other day, he was reading my book and he put it on my lap as he was reading. My friend said that he was sitting very close to me. He talks to me non stop, and today instead of working on his project, he talked to me; even after his group started to object. He also took my eraser and when I was going to take it back, he kept his grip. So, I tried to get his thumb off and our hands were touching and all, but he did and said nothing. Also, our legs were touching but he didn't move. He finally gave me back my eraser though. He uses any opportunity to sit with me and talk, or stare at me. He talks about me to my friend and she says that he notices random things about me. She made a ship name for us: Niranavan. Does this mean that he has feelings for me? Or does he just consider me a friend?
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  • girl he totally likes you! if you like him you should make that next move to show him you care!! this is so cuteā¤


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