Is this an OK game plan?

This guy I was messaging randomly stopped messaging me. It's been over 5 days now.

We were mid-conversation & the last thing I sent was a snapchat of me at the beach.

Prior to this he seemed really into it (x's & ;) faces, calling me princess etc.), the conversation even started because he had initiated saying Happy Valentine's to me.

He is over the other side of the world, we met in person before messaging. I don't want a relationship, neither does he, i just miss flirting/chatting/being friends

I've set up some sort of game plan to figure out what has happened, check it out & let me know what you think?

Step 1: Look hot in new profile (completed)
Step 2: Look hot & send generalised snapchat
Step 3: Send greeting message

e. g. "Hey, haven’t heard from you in a while? How’s things?"

Step 4: Sus it out w/message

"Have I offended you in some way, or just send a really ugly bikini pic? haha"

Step 5: Tie up loose ends:

"I was enjoying our chats & would’ve considered you a good friend.
Anyway, message anytime & let me know if you ever make it over this side of the world :)"
Considering this for step 4 instead & cutting out first sentence of step 5?

"Just wondering if i’ve done something to stop you speaking to me?
Honestly, I liked our chats & considered you a good friend & just wanted to know what was going on?"


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