GUYS OPINION is my guy friend going to expect sex?

I'm going through a break up and its only been a week, and I need to hang out with friends because I'm so sad over the break up. SO my guy friend is going to come over to my house to hang out but I'm kind of nervous because I have had sex with him twice in the past and I don't want to have sex with him when he comes to see me.

Guys do you think he will expect sex from me since I have had sex with him in the past?


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  • expect -- no i don't think so -- want -- possibly

    go out, don't stay home, don't invite him in after going out. simple and a more fun way to get over someone anyway.


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  • Yes will 'probably' expect sex, so let him come ONLY if you're sure that he is the type of guy who'd respect your decision when you say you don't want sex.


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