I have a crush on my neighborhood friend?

Basically, my neighbor and I are very close. I've met his family, and he has met mine. Both of our families are very close, and I am close with his sister and mum. I always see him, and he's welcome over to my families home.

We started out dating, and then we lost contact for a while after he started seeing someone else. Out of the blue, a few months later, we started chatting again, and we became closer. By this time he had told me it hadn't worked out with his previous almost girlfriend. He's always hugging me, and walking me home. At his sister's 21st, he went to introduce me to his friends, and they all seemed to know who I am.

He acts like a complete gentleman around me, and before I leave, he always gives me this intense look, and he will smile a little. Yet aside from small cues such as these, he doesn't give me any other reason to believe he likes me more than a friend.

I'm falling in love with him, and I don't know how to approach the situation.


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