Why did he tattoo something that is very significant to me after he broke my heart badly?

Few months back we broke up because he choose to be exclussive with a blind date (arranged by his relatives) over our relationship of two years. According to him, he will have a better future with the girl he only knew for few weeks (visa issue).
After, breaking my heart big time. He is showing gestures that keeps me from moving on... Like text messages, Facebook messages, bringing me gifts, sending me flowers last Valentine's, and lastly I just heard that he tattoed a dreamcatcher on his back. Yes, I know very well that he is not obssessed with dreamcatchers, I am the one who collect and adore them. He even gave me one necklace while still on the relationship and another one after the break up. I am so confused... This guy is so so so... You think he is still inlove with me? Help please...
*the necklace i'm talking here is a dreamcatcher necklace


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  • I believe he still likes you... especially since he chose to have a tattoo related to you ;-)

    • Ohhh is that so? It was his first tattoo ever (he even hates miley imagine?) i thought it could have been love... Sad :(

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  • You're a moron for still entertaining this guy. Just cut it off. Unless you want to get more and more hurt and feel like shit.. Walk away and block his Facebook, and don't answer his calls.

    • I haven't answered any of his calls or messages... Yes you are right I shouldn't be thinking of these useless gestures anymore.

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    • Thank you so much... Yes, i shouldn't be swayed by it... If he valued me, he should have made a different decision :(

    • It's ok, he doesn't value her more than you, or he wouldn't be doing all this behind her back. He probably just doesn't value anybody as much as himself, and is slightly selfish. Don't feel bad about it, it's him not you.

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  • That is a little strange, I think you should ask him why he specifically chose a dream catcher.

    • I haven't been talking to him since we broke up (2months to be exact) I am just so hurt... i can't do that :(

    • Maybe he misses you and that's a sign. It really means he is thinking of you at the very least. He basically branded your sign on him! O. O

  • because he's weird


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