Ex BF Reconsidering?

My close friend told me my ex shared with her that he was reconsidering the breakup. I didn't hear from him for almost 6mnths, then he adds me back onto all social media. Lately he's been snapchatting me once or twice a week. He initiates 100% of them. He told my friend a few weeks back he missed me & wanted to calk, but instead he added me onto snap chat. I really would like a conversation with him. He lives 5.5hrs away, so we can't just grab a coffee. I want to ask him for a call, but feel that may be too aggressive & I prefer him to lead things. What should I do guys?


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  • forget him

    • No, that's not what im asking. Poor advice.

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    • The breakup wasn't all my fault. It takes two to tango.

    • so then just do nothing

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  • I think if you're open to the idea of possibly getting back together you should entertain the idea, and respond to his snaps, but also think of why you guys broke up an if it was a good reason. Remember that when you decide to get back into a relationship, it won't be the same, it can either be better or worse. But If you really want t a conversation with him, I could just text him first telling him you're gonna call him, or just call him! i know you prefer him to lead things but sometimes you need to take control, to make it go your way.

    • Yeah I know why it failed. Hmmm no one has control though. Any sense of control is an illusion. I know taking initiave is a masculine trait. We haven't been talking long at all, but I think after all that's happened, a phone call would really help break the ice. We're both so guarded.

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  • Oft that's a toughie.
    Erm... do you respond to his snapchats? Do you actually want to get back with him or just talk? If it's either one, I think he's just waiting for you to initiate first.

    • I respond yes. When he initates we talk until bedtime. And I do still love him. We were together many years & were basically engaged.

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    • My only advice is don't ask him straight out "hey do you still love me?". Take it slow :)

    • I know he does bc he sent me a five paragraph long apology :) but thanks girl!! Yeah I deff won't do that!

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