Why is he being like this?

* I have a crush on this guy
* he knows that I like him..
* my friends asked if he likes me, but he said he never thought of me like that.
* he said that there might have been a connection with me and him a couple years ago.
* one of his good friends always ask where I am and ask where his girlfriend is
* we both have a gym membership at the same place.
* I was upstairs walking on the treadmill and he came up and started walking on the treadmill beside me
* I went to go incline my treadmill and he looked over at me and he turned his up and started jogging
* then five minutes after he looked over at me and started running his fingers through his hair.
* he always looks at me with a blank face
* my friends say he always acts weird around me and is shy
* he strokes his face when his around me like he's nervous or something
So I just need opinions on what I should do!


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  • Ohhh that's hard. To me, it seeems like he's into you but I guess he's afraid of going for it. If I was you, I would just leave it alone. He's playing games and already has a girlfriend. Maybe if you do, he'll notice how much he misses you and a actually do something for once.

    • He doesn't have a girlfriend though! He dated someone for 4 years but she cheated on him

    • Oh I got confused when you wrote about the good friend asking about you and his girlfriend. Mann, this is pretty hard. Just keep some space between you for now. The guy is too complicated and doesn't know what he wants.

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