Guys reaction when friends talk about you?

So I like this guy and my friends know. Yesterday was my managers last day and one of my friends was talking to him about work stuff. As the guy I like was leaving my friend had this conversation with him and I (as well as others) overheard it.

Friend "don't forget to say bye to your friend"
Guy I like "Who? our manager?"
Friend "No, {my name}"
The guy I like got the biggest grin on his face and then walked away from my friend without saying a word.

Me and this guy are always making eye contact. He constantly seems nervous around me fidgeting with his shirt or his cup. He makes eye contact but he just looks. I smile at him and he looks away and then looks back a few seconds later.

Does this seem like he is interested? I mean why would he get such a big smile on his face when my friend said that if he wasn't interested?


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  • Go to him and tell him you like him. Problem solved.


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