What do shy guys think about their crushes?

What do they think? When they see them do they think about how pretty they are? Do they think about them when they try to sleep or when thy wake up? Do they daydream? Do they imagine scenarios about them? What do they usually think about when they think of their crush? Thanks!! And I know this question is weird ahah
And by the way, this is for the individual Guys opinions on here. I don't mean that you guys all think the same. I'm so sorry this question sounds this way, this is a topic for the guys to answer their opinions on. Sorry guys


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  • Shy guys think just like any other guy. "Man I wanna fuck her so bad" and they start undressing the girl with their imagination.


What Girls Said 1

  • Because they all have one collective brain and think the exact same things right?

    • No no no that's not what I mean. I know t question sounds so much like that, but I'm just wondering what te shy guys on here are like, what opinions they have. I don't think all guys are emotionally or mentally cloned, I mean to ask the guys on here what they think. I'm sorry my question sounds this way. I'm going to edit it

    • Truthfully, boys and girls aren't all that different on the inside. All humans crave similar things and think in similar ways. Personality types mean more than gender really. So shy guys are probably thinking a boy version of what shy girls think like "omg he looked at me ahh did he see me staring at him? Fuck! I hope not omg he's just so hot" but in a boy version lol so less of the omg and he is she. And yea, guys do imagine scenarios how girls do to, definitely do, just guys on here talking about girls shows that to.
      They're pretty much not that different to us, we just have different bits and don't have the same hobbies usually, but deep down inside, people are just people.

    • Thank you!! This helps a lot!! I understand what you mean now, I am a very shy girl and this gives me a good idea now. Thanks so much for the help!!

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