Do you think he was just being friendly or a bit more?

So guy at local store, i went in got a drink. Then at the till he was like i am so hungry an he was tucking in to a sub sandwich. He seemed chilled an not like guys normally are around me when they like me.

I then changed my order cus i fancied wine. I said oh do you want i. d, he then said how old are you. I told him 22 yesterday. My bday was Thursday i went in shop Friday ., he said you look younger. An he said he trusts his customers. An i said oh ok cool. he also said well happy birthday.

He then said is there anything else. I then said no an thanks. He seemed to want to chat more but don't know if that was cus he's interested or bored cus no-one was in shop at that time of day.


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  • i gues the "you look younger" line was just a compliment


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