Is he interested and shy or is he not interested at all?

so there's this guy that I am totally crushing on and I thought he liked me but I finally confessed to him over text that he was the best guy I had ever met but he never responded. I told him he was the nicest guy and that even though I only knew him for a month he was the closest thing I had to a best friend. At the end I said that he didn't have to respond if it was going to make things awkward. I said if he had anything good to say that he could say it, but if not just to not respond so things wouldn't get awkwarder than they already were. So he didn't... Anyways he's really really shy and has like three friends at school and he barely ever talks. And before I sent that text my friend texted and said I liked him but he never responded to that one either. But a few days after she said that I asked him to go bowling with me and two other people and he went. He even stayed after and just talked one on one for an hour. But I don't know what this means. He is totally giving mixed signals, and I believe some of it has to be coming from being an introvert. What should I do and why hasn't he responded to my text? We used to text everyday (I usually initiated, but he would too sometimes and apologize for not texting) but now that I sent that text we haven't texted at all for more than a week. We still talk at school, but he acts like everything's fine. I wish he would either say yes or a no I would like to stay friends.


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  • He may not like you back, which is why he is afraid to respond becuase he doesn't want to say something that might hurt your feelings. He acts like everything is okay in school because he could be afraid to confront a pool of emotions if he does bring it up. However, I could be TOTALLY off. This is just my belief from personal experience.

    • so should I just give up now?

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    • Do you have any idea of what I should tell him or do?

    • Just don't act upon it and do not change the way you act around him. like nothing happened.

  • I'm confused. So, your friend texted him saying you liked him first? and asked him out bowling?

    • yeah my friend texted him a few days before I asked him to go bowling. And then a day after we went bowling I texted him and told him

    • Oh okay... Im not sure because he just seems like a hard shell to crack.. if he is shy, if could be part of it

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