Do picky guys feel the same way as girls about needing connections?

I have messed it up with a great guy before it even properly began, well and truly... now he won't even talk to me. We both said we're picky and the fact that he's chased me since August only proves that. We built up such a connection and were very compatible, all I had to do was jump on a train to go see him-only I never would because I felt he's too good for me. Now we no longer talk, after five months of chatting, EVERY day, for most of the day via phone/text... I now realise how much he must have liked me!

ONLY NOW I REALIZE THIS! Only now I can see what a connection we built up and how compatible we are, now I have all of these guys chasing me whom I will talk to but they don't interest me in the SLIGHTEST, none compare. Whilst we were chatting for all that time, I assumed he was chatting to other girls too simply because I feel he's better than I am... only now I realize how hard it is to get that connection with someone in the first place, he wasn't doing that! He ONLY wanted me! I am a complete tool... he is a picky guy and the type of guy who needs a connection to have sex...

Do other guys feel this way when they're attempting to date again/move on? You need a connection with a girl? It isn't all about her being hot? You can look at cute girls, but it's hard for you to find a girl you have that connection with?
I'm an idiot1111 lost a great connection with a great guy!!!


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  • If I look at cute girls I need to feel with which one of them I feel comfort but I have my ways to know her personality

    I read her eyes her body language how she act etc

    In the end all cute girl have beauty and pussy but I look for more than that

    • So you wouldn't date her no matter how cute she is or nice her pussy is if she's a bitch or playing games etc? only if she is kind and sweet?

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    • I don know what make you think he's too good for you but he was there for 4 months :) it's late to fix it

      I would say leave it for the time if your meant to be you will meet again if no then no

    • 5 months actually. I'm a fool :( miss him

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  • Picky guys are narcissists. The only person important in their lives is themselves. Run Forrest run!!!

    • I'm picky also, no they aren't, they just have standards... i'm not into guys who'll go with anything.

    • No guy has standards lol. Nice concept though

    • Yes he does, he's a 41 year old man and not an immature guy my age... he hasn't had sex in over a year, he has tons of hot older women after him only they aren't his type.

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  • I think we are all "needy" at one or two stages in our life. Just hope that person connects with you and isn't just looking for sex.


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