Guy advice PLEASEEE?

Okay so I've wanted to ask this for a long long LONGG time and here it goes I've liked this guy for a really really long time a year and a half now and he keeps starring at me everytime even though I never look at him he even followed me home and hid untill I came there whenever I'm around he starts acting to make me notice him like it was arts night in my high school and it was his really close friends birthday but he was just lying around but when I came there with my friend and he saw me he started acting happy n smiling and looking back every two seconds and all of my friends noticed him starring at me a lot but now when my friend asked him on face book if he likes me and he said that he dosent like me "at all" and all of the things about how he followed me home was a lie and that he dosent stare at me... He said he only looks at people if they are looking at him to make them look away but the truth is I'm really shy so I never look or stare at him I'm always looking down on my music and my friends shout it that I like him but I have never done anything his friend even told me that the guy I like thought I was attractive but when my friend asked the guy I like bout it he said that was jus a lie and his friend was being a jerk and yet he keeps starring at me all the time no matter what and the thing is he dosent look at any girls nor does he talk to any girls also he accepted my friends request but denied my request on Facebook

I really don't know what to think I'm trying not to look at him but I can't I really like him and he keeps starring please help PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE


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  • Is he straight?

    • Yeah he's straight but he just dosent talk with girls mostly into guy stuff metal head skateboarder and stuff

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    • Aye thanks for saying it

    • But r u saying that cuz he's a metal head and stuff or just by everything else

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