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i hav posted this before. anyways, i fell for a guy who is criminal. lied about his past etc.. i started liking him at 29.. my first relationship.. he convinced me to give him a nude video of me to prove him i trust him/love him - what i can do for him. followed by forced physical relationship, physical beating etc.. blackmailing, threatening.. (in india). i am still a virgin but we had sexual relations. i am 31 now. my question - given my actions (i have him my video) which led me in whole lot of shit.., how bad is it on my character. i regret how foolhardy i was. what do i tell the next guy, will he ever believe that i am a bad girl/ bad character. pls advice.. the guilt kills me everyday :(
to the anonymous guy - exactly so that makes you the criminal and a whore.. coz u lied to fuck someone u piece of shit.. so u the whore not u mother fucker.. u the real whore !! u cunt !! and i dont date criminal fuckers.. i am looking for a man - not a f****t !! go fuck ur maa too bitch
u lie to screw women - u ain't even a man.. ur the real whore !! that calls women prostitutes.. u should be in jail


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  • Sorry you had to deal with perverted son of a bitch. I am not talking about the guy you are with, I am speaking of the coward who called you names, would not tell you how many girls he has fucked but belittle you for one guy, and then hides behind "anonymous". That perverted son of a bitch.

    You made a big mistake with this guy you were with. then you got sucked in and kept getting in deeper. You were foolish. If everything is as you tell it, he was an asshole and you were easy allowing yourself to be played. That does not mean you are always easy, just that you were with him, then.

    You were what you were and got taken advantage of. Now live a good life. Be cautious. If you see warning signs, get the hell out. A real man will look at who you are then, not who you seemed to be before. If the next guy asks you something, just tell him you made some mistakes and were taken advantage of. Do not share more until you know him VERY well and can trust him. What do you tell him then? Only as much as you feel okay telling him, and what you do tell him be sure is the truth. If you lie, even a small one, it may catch up with you and make him doubt you about everything you say.

    Let go of the guilt! It is eating at you, ruining you. Just move forward being smarter and good, and you really have nothing to feel guilty about. I know I would let go of your past and allow myself to love you if that was to be. Any guy worth anything will do the same.

    • thank you for ur support.. ya he was just like this guy calling me names.. he himself was going to prostitutes and abusing me for shit.. thanks for seeing the truth !! and standing by !!

    • My pleasure. :-)

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  • If you told me this I would walk away instantly because you dated a criminal!!! We're you expecting roses and choclate from him he'll no, and he was your first boyfriend? Your emotionally unstable because of him and your way older than me by now you should have a MAN not a fucking criminal!

    • i ddint know he was a criminal.. he lied to me damit..

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    • i am 31 never had intercourse.. i was stupid. but why it means i am a whore. that douche bag is calling me a whore

    • not complaing of virginity.. about my actions.. how i fell into it. . wht do i tell the next guy if anything...

  • Inexperienced and naive.


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