What's up with my guy friend flirting with me then backing off?

My guy friend does things that I would consider flirting. For a couple of days during a study group he would trap my legs with his legs under the table but one day when I texted him just to talk he suddenly asked if it was too much and then used the excuse of having an off day and hasn't done it since. Then another day I accidentally hit his hand with mine and he reached out and lightly grabbed my fingers and then let our hands touch for a while before he moved his hand. He almost always pays for my meal when we are out with friends saying he owes me for something. He compliments me and once accidentally didn't recognize me and thought I was some "babe" in his terms.
Then in contrast he NEVER texts first, he claims he doesn't like texting. When I text him we usually end up having a long conversations that aren't forced. He will do some of the things that I consider flirting but then pull back and act like nothing happened, this can be for the rest of the day or it will last for weeks. Sometimes I try to make a move to see where things are going and he will pull away but other times he is receptive and doesn't move or responds back.

I seriously don't know what the heck is going on. Is he flirting with me? Or is he just playing with me? How should I respond to how he is acting? Advice please


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  • I think he might be flirting with you, but he does not think you are interested in him even though you have tried flirting back. I say you should just confront him about it.


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