Guys : My boyfriend was acting weird during the date, is this normal? Do you think he hate me or something?

I didn't see him for 3 weeks, so when i return he ask me to have dinner with him at the restaurant. And he came to pick me up from my house and he saw me finally after 3 weeks, but the thing is he did something very weird after we kissed, he put his hand on his pants like he's trying to cover somethin, and he went to the bathroom and he stayed inside for 3 minutes or something before we leave. Then i asked him if he's fine and he said he's fine! We went to the restaurant and i was talking to him but he wasn't listen to me, he was staring at my boobs and he was sweating all the time without a reason. He even didn't touch his food, i asked if he's fine because he's acting weird and he said yes I'm fine i just feel hot here and in need some air so he leave for a while and when he back he was covering his pants again till he sit with me. I got mad at him for hiding something and i ask him to ta me home because he ruined our dinner by his weird thoughts. After two hours he send me a message saying that he's sorry and that was complicated!! I ask him again what is it but he didn't answer me. It's really weird, he said he misses me and when i finally came he start acting weird. I'm just mad because he didn't do it before and i don't know what was that.
P. S we're dating each other for 2 years.
Sorry for the long details.
Thanks everyone for helping.


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  • Well he was hormonal imagine a girl in his period without blood, he was too horny he had boners thats why he had the habd in his oants he was acting weird just to not be unresctful with you, i think he really didn't want that to hapoen

    • So i don't have the right to be angry?

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    • Okay :)

    • Thabks

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  • Uh... I don't think anyone has an answer for you.
    If I had to wager a guess, maybe sexual frustration? I got nothing, sorry. I haven't acted like that since I was fifteen.

    • Thank you. I really appreciate it

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