Why do I keep getting hit on by jewish men?

Now first of im black. I'm a christian.
I don't fornicate, cuss, drink, etc.
Old fashioned.
But I promise Everytime I turn around there's some jewish guy hitting on me.
First a Jew dude on my job walked past me an touched my butt.
Then the guy at the dry cleaners was just the flirting with me Friday an smiling.
Is there a secret history between jewish men an black women?


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  • Not that I'm aware of but the fact that you used the word.
    "Fornicate" may suggest a certain way you dress or act that attracts them ;3


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  • You probably live in an area with a large amount of jewish people. proximity creates more opportunities. I literally only know 1 jewish person so I have never been hit on by a jewish man that I know of.

    how would you know if someone is jewish just by looking at them anyway?

    • They've told me they are.

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  • Culturally and traditionally, they are expected to marry or be with their own lot... I never heard of a black and jewish combination before. Black girls could be a source of curiosity, the unknown and the forbidden fruit in their hidden desires. Who knows?


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