My boyfriend seems to rule what I do lately... ?

We have been together nearly 4 months, & lately... He has been kinda bossy. Like if he thinks I'm ignoring him he gets annoyed. He doesn't want me wearing makeup as he said I look better with out it, I'm not aloud to drink fizzy drinks. Take my medication which I take for depression. I was thinking of getting a tattoo and he was not happy about it. I can't look at other guys, which I don't anyway as I like him too much and I would never do that. But it's little things like that. What's you're thoughts on this? Does he know he is doing it? Or does he just like his own way, he is Muslim. I don't know what too do.


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  • He knows what he's doing. Just think about the last time someone told you what you could or could not do... it was probably when you were a child, and now ask yourself this, are you an adult or a child? He's not your keeper. He shouldn't be allowed to tell you what to do. Remember who you are and your age. Start taking back control of yourself


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  • Your partner's opinion should always matter. But he's not expressing his opinions. He's literally putting down rules and restrictions. That's what a PARENT does to a child, not what a partner does to their significant other. He's trying to control you, and that's not ok. Especially when it's about pointless stuff like makeup and fizzy drinks. Like wtf, why does he think he has the right to control you like that? And even worse, telling you to not take your medication which you obviously NEED. It seems like he's trying to force you to be more dependent on him and his "opinions", step by step, by closing you off from the things you want/need. Soon, he'll probably start telling you who you're allowed and not allowed to meet and hang out with. End it with him now. People like him don't change, they only become worse.


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  • thats not a real relationship if he's just telling what you have to do


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  • Am afraid to say that this is the first signs of a serious control freak.

    Maybe you should reevaluate your situation/position before it gets too bad.

  • Kick him in the back of his leg. He's too controlling. F him and do whatever you want you have to live and take your meds. That's a toxic train wreck waiting to happen.


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