The guy I like asked me if I was mad at him today, and I wasn't at all?

This guy is a mystery to me. I feel like he likes me, from body language and what I think is hint dropping (that he's attracted to me..) but on this I'm totally confused. He told me that I gave him a mean look and it made him think that he did or said something to upset me? I swore to him that I did not give him any look on purpose, and that he did nothing wrong. And then he asked me if I talk to this other guy that we work with, and I said "no not Really why?" And he said: "he asked me if I like you" and "it was just really weird to get asked that" WHAT THE HELL DOES ALL OF THIS MEAN? I can't tell if he's in love with me or he hates me!
I should add that yesterday I offered him a ride home whenever he might need one, and he took me up on it and asked if I could give him a ride home tonight since we both got off at the same time. Then, at work today, his ex girlfriend showed up and offered him a ride and he took it, then told me he didn't need one anymore. After that is when things got weird. But I didn't even know it was his ex, and plus I wasn't mad, just disappointed and a little hurt


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  • Sounds like he trying to see if you like him and this was his was to break the ice. If you like him, use this to start up a conversation and keep it light and see where things go from there. This gives you the chance to be a little flirty with him now

    • Then when he told me someone asked him if he liked me, should I have said I liked him right there? Or straight out asked him if he did? Or just play it cool.. sorry I have like no dating experience

    • A little of both, play it cool but talk to him. You don't need to tell him directly that you like him, show some interest and use some body language to tell him you like him too.

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