Do you believe in an instant connection with someone?

So here is my question:

Do you believe in an instant connection with someone of the opposite sex? I was at a social about two weeks ago, and as I was meeting new people I noticed this one guy and immediately I felt all gooey and butterflies in my stomach. I had sweaty palms and it felt as if my heart was in my throat. ALL the classic symptoms of a crush... Now I have never met the man before this and can't help but wonder why this would of happened. I have had many crushes in my lifetime but never has it been like this.. Please help!

I have seen him twice since then and the feeling has not gone away.
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  • Yes of course. Once you start communicating with someone and you realize that you could talk for hours about nonsense for the sake of talking, then there is something significant going on between you two. I've encountered 3 girls who stuck to me in such a way.

    But if you're saying you love a guy before you even talked to him or know how you two would mesh together, you need to be aware of the fact that a lot of what you're thinking is only true in your mind, not necessarily in reality. You have to communicate regularly with him and the conversation has to go well. If it doesn't go well, then maybe it's all hype and wishful thinking.

    Yes I believe in instant connections, but there has to be an exchange in dialogue that shows promise. Just basing this all in your mind could be setting you up for disappointment. I've made this mistake and fell in love with bullshit. Dont fall for that trap.


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  • Yeah had this feeling with my bf.

    • How did the relationship progress? I feel so awkward around the man because I don't know him from a bar of soap, yet I have this intense desire to be with him.

    • It progressed well and fast we both sort of clicked pretty quickly. We had the same interests, and are very similar personality - wise but we are also very different.

      We met December 4th at work, we went on our first date December 11th we kissed on our second date we had sex on the fourth date on December 23rd and we were official on December 25 (It just worked out that way).

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  • I do believe in it. I also believe that chemistry can be built up over time. It happens a lot actually, but is usually more one sided than mutual. I hope yours is mutual

    • How would I be able to tell if it IS mutual. I find myself so clumsy around the guy. Haha

    • You can never for sure unless someone asks. Otherwise just look for signs of interest. Eye contact, body language etc

  • I meet my wife on blind date an knew within the first 10 minutes the day was going to come I was going to ask her to marry me. We dated for 2 years and were engaged for 10 months.

    I knew a couple that he proposed on the 3 date - they were married for 55 years

  • Some people it takes a long time for them to warm up to you or you to them. Sometimes you meet someone and from the first moment you just click like it was preordained.


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