Tinder: Should I swipe right or pass?

I'm in second year college and there isn't much choice of boys at my school cause it's mostly girls I remembered one cute guy from first year, but we never talked.

Last semester I ended up having a class with him.. In my least strongest course ugh.. Anyways sometimes we talked obviously for class but no flirting. And for a 1 day class project the teachers picked the partners and put is together. He was friendly, but haven't talked after.

In November I saw him on Tinder and was pretty nervous to swipe right, but I did. And we matched! He never talked to me through.. And at school it's like it never happened.

Now it's end of feb. And I come across him again (guess he deleted it and went back on) and now I'm on his profile again. Should I swipe right or pass? I feel like of I swipe right again it'll be so obvious I like him. And from school he doesn't seem into me. And we don't have any classes this semester



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  • Talk to him. If you can see him in person, the app is pointless here. Try talking to him, see what happens from there, but it is possible that he isn't interested.

    • If I get the chance! I haven't really seen him around the school since the start of the semester

    • If you really like him, then swipe right, but I think if he hasn't put in any effort despite matching, he isn't worth any.

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  • Pass, don't get caught up on one guy. He'll think you're desperate if you swipe.

  • lol... why dont you forget about this Tinder crap and approach him about it in person?


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  • You take Tinder too seriously.


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