I need boys opinions in this one?

Boys: why will you kiss a girl, tell her you love her, text her 24/7 and then in the next few days barely pull a sentance together to even talk to her. It's doing my head in! I try to talk to him and he just gives me blunt answers as if he's not interested. I haven't said anything to offend him, or to make him not want to speak to me. I haven't got a clue what is going through his head. Not only this, but he will flirt with my bestfriend, when she's pretty much going out with his brother. It's fucked up, I know. Honest opinions on this one?


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  • You should ignore him for a while, don't suck up to him or show him that he's important to you. Hang around with guys that make him jealous.

    • I do ignore him sometimes, this does make him text me first but still the next day he will go back to being a knob😒

    • Then he's the sort of person you should just ignore. He's a boy, not a man.

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