Why he still not saying "i love you"? something holding him or i'm just too paranoid?

we are in a long distance relationship about a month. He calls me everynight before asleep, he cares about me, he texted and called me his darling, his gf. but he still never says "i love you". is it normal? He mentioned me as his lover last night, for the first time in our relationship, yeah still no the L word yet. I don't know, I'm just too curious why is that? Am I still in a phase where he's still considering me as his gf or I am already passed the phase? argh.. i love him.. i can't help to over think about this... i really hope you can help me.. thank you :(


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  • You've been in a relationship for a month, that's why.

    • Exactly what I was thinking!

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    • No it's really like you just don't get it! This isn't Romeo and Juliet.. he's not going to say he loves you after a month!! I'd stop talking to you if you told me you loved me just after a month, especially long distance.

    • i see... yeah, i got it now.. gosh!
      thank you very much for your help

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  • It's been a bloody month, not a year! Slow your roll and go with the flow.


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