Did I embarrass myself in front of this guy or?

I think i have a thing with my best friends brother. Like he will tease me and he would invite me to play video games in his room when i come over. The only reason i come to my friends house is to talk and eat junk food. We would just lay on her bed and talk about school and gossip and stuff. Sometimes she would put my favorite song and make me dance, after like 10 min of convincing i would finally start dancing because i know that my fav part is coming up. My bestie told me that she was leaving to the restroom but i guess i didn't hear her and just kept dancing like an idiot. So then while i was dancing derek the my besties brother walked in and apparently he was watching me for more than 2 min i look back and he's there smiling and laughing at me. I immediately stop and look down and blush in embarrassment. I stop the music and ask him what was he doing, he said he came over here to see what the commotion was all about and he saw me dancing. I told him that this was so embarrassing and that i was leaving. Then he said that it was fine and that i dance pretty good, and that it was cute. I then start to wonder why my bestie is taking so long in the bathroom, so i knowck on the door and ask her if she's ok , and she says she fine and that she's OMP which means on my period. Anyway derek then turns the music back on and he invites me to dance with him. And what was so surprising was that he is also a terrible dancer. So am i embarrasing myself or?


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  • Omg this is funny, but I don't think you should have anything to worry about. He said it was cute wasn't it. He just saw more of you that he loves.


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