Why was he staring and smiling at me so much? Was he waiting for a kiss? Or was he nervous or thinking about something?

So after hanging out with my guy friend we were in his car talking because it was to cold to talk on my porch, and he was just staring and smiling at me, I really like him and I didn't mind the stare and smiling but I hope he wasn't waiting signaling for a kiss because 1.) I was afraid to kiss him because I don't know if he had the same feelings for me and 2.) He was just telling me that I will find someone better than him even though one day he was saying his friends was teasing him because they know he likes me. But before I left we were silent in his car and he stared at me some more and I was nervously staring back so I just hugged him and made a joke and we started laughing and hugged again before I got out of the car.


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  • I'm pretty sure he was enjoying the time he had with you in the car! Lots of eye contact, smiling and conversation are all good signs. I'm pretty sure he wanted to kiss you, i mean what guy would just sit in a car with a girl (unless you're platonic friends) and just stare and smile at her? Next time if the moment is like that i'd just be like "ahaha you're making me nervous or why are you staring at me?" and smile back and see how it goes.

    • Thank you haha and that could be true, he knows when it comes to kissing I get really nervous and if he was waiting for me that night I would say I failed lol and thank you!! I will definitely do that next time I see him!!

    • I know how you feel girl. The guy that i like came by my place for the first time to drop some things off that i'd forgotten in his car and he ended up staying for an hour! Like we recently just got more comfortable with each other, and that was the first time we actually sat down alone and talked. Before it was an awkward mess, itd be quiet, id avoid eye contact blah blah bc im shy. But that day, man he was just straight up smiling and staring at me, and at one point it got quiet and he was looking at me (i think, im not too sure i was looking out my window when i sorta noticed him looking in my direciton) and i immediately went "what are you looking at?" and turned to where he was looking and he made up some excuse saying my light.. but thinking back at it... he was clearly looking at me and wanted to kiss me as the hour progressed bc he was moving closer and closer to me. Ugh fail on my part.

    • Aw omg, yes he definitely wanted to kiss you, he should of just did it!! Like seriously I mean the guy I like always grab me and holds me, but I won't push him away if he tries to kiss me because I really like him and he knows I like him. I'm always afraid to say things like that which is weird because we always tease at each other everytime we see each other! But yeah I have failed lots of times he always stares at me even when he thinks I'm not noticing but I know for sure I will joke around or ask him and see how he will respond to it

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  • You could have kissed him. Why do guys always say that? That you can find someone better? I just don't understand it?

    • I wanted to, but after saying" you can find someone better than me", it stopped me from trying, and I don't know I don't understand it either especially if they like you and still say it, so confusing...

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    • Yes true, he knows I like him, but something is bothering him he tells me everything except for telling me how he feels I guess :/ guys are confusing at times haha, I guess we will never know why guys say stuff like that

    • What's bothering him?

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