Am I off-putting to men?

I constantly find myself repelling men in one way or another, while women around me form friendships and relationships with men with ease.

I do the usual things: smiling, being friendly, engaging in conversation, but it never goes anywhere. While I talk to them, they're visibly nervous. They start stammering, smiling even when my jokes aren't funny, getting fidgety, nervously tapping their feet. After every conversation I've had in class, even ones that I thought go well, men just walk away with their friends after the class is over, as if nothing ever happened. Any idea, guys? Am I doing something wrong?


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  • the first thing dat came to my mind is dat 'r u too beautiful' ? which may make them nervous nd consious.

    or u talk intelligent , seem way more mature (in ur conduct nd talk) than ur fellow mates which would make guys nervous around u thinking to themselves-'am i doing ryt, she must think m stupid, shit m nervous nd she noticed it, etc'.

    coz guys want to b around a girl which would make them feel the one to b more intelligent nd the girl to b easy going.

    i think ur just perfect nd wait for the man who can handle u.
    till then u may just be good frnds with gals who r good fnds with guys, just think about frndship, once ur in good contact with guys nd they ll know ur easily approachable then dating will be a byproduct.

    if ur dressing normal, ur make up is normal, etc, then no ur not doing anything wrong. gud luck

    • Waiting around has not helped me thus far and I don't believe I'm "too beautiful" or "too intelligent", because I'm not. But thanks anyway.

    • hmm I guess u need to buy in the social life, hang out more with ur girlfriends even if it feels like a time wastage to u, coz ur smarter ;-)
      change ur attitude within frnds.
      when u smile etc do all the things what other girls do, do it by heart. maybe u do something but ur eyes dun mean it...
      anyway m sure deep down u know wot it might be putting them off. and whatever u think maybe right, and regardless of all, u ll find somebody like u, world is thickly populated.
      wish u d best

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  • Don't stop.
    Mr. right has just not appeared.
    You are very intelligent
    That scares some guys.
    To me you sound very nice, and receivable.

    • Waiting thus far has not done me any favours. But thanks for the compliment.

    • Make yourself available.
      Go out, lots
      Join groups
      Have some sex with a caring person
      I know that's a little forward
      but has worked great for me

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  • You give the wrong vibes one way or another. You might be awkward.

  • I feel ya. Same thing happens to me. I've even had female friends hover around discreetly, and listen in on my 'game' to see where I'm loosing them. But nobody seems to be able to figure it out. I am known to turn heads so I don't get it. Maybe I'm radioactive and they can sense it.

  • u are offputting


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