Guy I used to have something with doesn't want to be friends?

Last fall I met a guy through some of our friends. I used to talk to him a lot, and eventually we stopped talking for a few months. He started texting me again recently. Last night he told me we had to talk about us.

He was curious and confused about our relationship status. We got that all cleared away, and he said "I want us to work, but things have to change." and then he asked me on a date. I told him that I think its a bad idea because I have feelings for someone else, and said sorry. He told me it was my prerogative to say no and he wasn't mad. Although he did mention that before we stopped talking before he felt like I was leading him on a little, but I didn't mean to. He doesn't seem upset at all?

Now, he doesn't try to talk to me and even mentioned to another friend that he has absolutely no desire to be my friend. He's in the same friend group as me and I see him almost every day, but he doesn't act like anything changed with us at all. What's going on here, what is he thinking? Is he upset with me, does he still like me?


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  • If a guy likes a girl, he just can't be friends with her. You're going to have to accept this

    • I don't understand though, because in person he still acts like a friend. He's friendly, and even a little flirty? But he's saying he doesn't want to be my friend.

    • He's just being nice. He doesn't want to seem bitter. He will eventually get over you so don't get too worked up.

  • Staying friends after a break up even a rejection like this is like staying in contact with kidnapper after they let you go.


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