What do you mean when you say "shy"?

Guys, I see repeated over and over that you like girls who are a little shy. What do you mean by that? Could you define "shy"?

...'cause I find that confusing. Most shy people are also a little awkward *raises hand* and I'm not sure how that is attractive, at least not generally. I could see how it could be cute sometimes, but... yeah. I'm confused.


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  • We don't necessarily like shy or socially awkward girls, all we know is that we DON'T like self-centered, conceited bitches. We just assume that no shy girl would be like this, so they date shy girls to avoid bitches.

    • Well I guess I can understand that reasoning. :)

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  • To me my shyness would be wanting to do or say something to a girl and then getting worried about what the outcome, I also find that after I've talked to them I will wish I had said or done something when they were there.

    But yeah I worry that what I say or do may be taken as not how I would intend it too

  • Reserved and quiet, seemingly isolated. Shy girls are very non-threatening, easy to approach and feel comfortable around. Shy people tend to have more intimate conversations and be more sensitive. Super confident and loud people get annoying. I want someone to relax with, open up to, be myself, relieve the pressure.

  • Becauste it shows insecuriy we like to give security to this girls, this is really atractive

    • But then you (guys in general) say you like confident girls?

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    • That is confusing as all get out... lol. :P

    • I know but really is true that atractive thing abour shy guys is that you can guve them that confidence they dint have

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