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I know I should just ask my boyfriend this to clear things up, but I'm avoiding that for now and need your opinion.

We've been dating for eight months. We get along really well, we have a good time when we're together, we are both in our late twenties, and he said "I love you" first... all signs to me that he cares about me and things are great, right?

Well we've done everything in bed except actually have sex. And there has been no talk of any reasons on either side, except I've said I'm ready for sex, and then there was not much of a response and then no more talk about it...

When do I bring up the subject, how do I ask "why don't you want to sleep with me in eight months", and what do you think is going on? I'm obviously not good at starting important conversations, since I haven't done so in all this time, so tell me how.


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  • Damn... he seems the type of guy who ants to wait till marriage :-/


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  • He might not have a dick, possibility

  • because its against his morals duh


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