How to tell if your guy friend is into you?

So how do guys act around a friend that is a girl that they like? I know everyone is different butI'm just curious about different peoples experiences or guys what would you do.


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  • Here's a list of things I do specifically:
    -Avoid eye contact
    -Random glances
    -Short answers

    If she shows signs of liking me (thanks, wikihow) then it changes to:
    -Returned eye contact
    -More often, quicker glances
    -Attempts to create long conversations
    -Sometimes avoidance (keep eyes away from her direction, won't be too close to her)


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  • In my case, I'm a really screwed up person. Whenever I'm around the guy that I like I get really nervous that I start flirting with him and I make it really obvious without noticing until my friends tell me.


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  • personally i act normal :-P

    most people act nervous i believe


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