What does it mean when a male friend of yours is sitting on the floor against the wall and you are sitting in-between his legs and are leaning into?

ok so earlier I was at a friends boyfriends house earlier with a friend that really likes me and I really like him but I have just got out of a relationship not long ago (about a month and maybe a little bit) so he said he will wait until I am ready for another relationship...

he was sitting on the floor with his back against the wall and we were cuddling and I was sitting in-between his legs with my back against him as he was cuddling me and I felt he had a semi...

what does it mean? (I know what a semi means) but I was just wondering like what do you think he was thinking about etc?
please help! thanks!
anyone? please I really need help


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  • He is cool for waiting and he finds you attractive it's natural to get a semi that position is also sort of a trusting one where you guys are either in a relationship or you really trust each other. its kind of like when you hold someone's hand and get the sexual feeling and you just don't want to let go of them but you don't hold on to them too tight

    • wow, we haven't really known each other that long! trusting how? how is it a trusting position?

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    • Stay as friends or become something more that's all I mean

    • ok thanks x

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  • he is thinking "this is awesome" " a hot girl is sitting between my legs leaning up against me"

    • lol im not hot, but he says I am... well he uses the words beautiful and perfect etc

    • well whatever. he is into you and enjoyed having you sit there!

  • It means he's a human and a man. Most guys could get that 'reaction' in this situation. With you or with about any other woman of the right age.

  • this is stupid

    • how?

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    • thank you

    • Haha!! @Anon you are leaving all sorts of comments today!!☺️

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  • He could think you're hot/attractive
    He could just be getting a random one which happens quite often


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