Why did this guy keep looking at me?

Ok so I was walking down the hall after school and I happened to be behind a couple. They were holding hands and being cute. The guy happened to turn around and his eyes fell on me. He turned back around, but a few moments later I noticed he was looking at me again. Was he checking me out? I just want to know why he would do that if he has a girlfriend?


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  • We can't stop ourselves from checking out people even if we're in relationships... so it meant nothing :)

  • It just happens yes he was checking you out... Did you notice what did he stare?

    • You mean how was he staring? He was just staring at me and I felt like it was because i looked bad but my best friend noticed him looking also.

    • I mean what aorry to ask but its important truat ne in a guy does he was looking at your?

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