Is he a player, or is he a good guy?

So I know this guy, and I'm truly confused when I look at him, what he 'is' as a person.

A part of me notices that he is obsessed with fitting in and gives importance to good-looking girls.

And another part of me notices how focused he can be, and how he makes good decisions when it comes to his professional life.

Plus, he saw me with my mom and was really respectful, despite how bratty I was acting.

I'm so confused, someone told me 'players' or guys who 'stare/are cheap' by nature, those habits never go away.

He keeps staring at me and I find it offensive, but I'm confused whether he's just trying to talk to me, or looking at me in a perverted way
am i a dreamer


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  • Players are too smart these days, it's hard to tell whether the guy's a player or not... because majority of the ones I have encountered are nice at first then they turn into little devils. lol

    He may be a player depends how he was staring at you really. Did he stare at you for long?

    • Yeah kind of like he was trying to catch my eye.

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    • Come to think of it, I do think he thinks I'm 'weaker' and therefore tries to play these tricks on me, or tht I'm goody-goody.

      It irritates me so much, as though he doesn't think I will pick up on it or something.

      Thank you so much for your advice, I will keep everything you said in mind.

    • So glad I could help, I've been in the same situation multiple times & it's not nice when they think they can have there way. Your welcome, wish you all the best with your situation.

  • How old are you?


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