Do guys like it when their girl friend is a little high maintenance?

I'm a little high maintenance my bf says its ok, but how do other guys feel about that?

Personally, I wouldn't say I am but he thinks so lol
By high maintenance, I mean he says i demand more time of him then he's used to and I like to spend a lot of time with him. I maybe see him 3 days a week. I don't think its a lot.


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  • I haven't been in a relationship so... I obviously can't speak from direct experience but I have a close eexample.

    My motorbike is a cagiva raptor 125. And like all pretty things Italian, it a a bastard to look after. Things are more difficult than they should be and things that shouldn't be an issue are and at times I wish I had got something easier. However my little bike has character and is fantastic fun. it's such a joy to ride and as a first bike I love her (she's called belle).

    However I wil. Be getting a bigger bike later on. This will require less maintenance inevitably and that I'm glad for. If my bike was quicker etc I might not mind as much but to be worth the work it has to be worth the trouble and make me feel good enough to want to keep it.

    So. Interpret this how you want From a guy in a relationship with his bike ;P as any biker would probably say they were :P


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  • I'd rather not have a high maintenance girlfriend..

    Espically if he has other stuff in life, such as sports

    I train 11 times each week, plus school, so when I get a gf, I'd prefer it to be as less as possible :P

    Of course, I'd rather stay friends with benefits, but those relationships are hard to find at 15 y/o :P

  • What do you mean high maintenance?


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