Why do guys text you first and then out of the blue they just stop?

I was talking to this guy. He has been texting me less and less lately. He asked me what was up and i said im gonna cry. he asked why? and then i said because my parents are breaking up. He said he understood because his aren't together either. I know that because he told me that before. but after that i said yeahh i remember. then he never texted back. So like hour later i said goodnight. He never responded. Lately he has been doing this to me. he just stops texting me for no reason. Like i feel like i should just not text him first or just not text him for a day and see if he texts me again to see what wrong? Is this bad or a good/.//Thanks help is needed:) Do you think he is just not interested should i just forget him?
he just texted me Heyy.. should i not text him? thanks :) should i see if he texts me again?


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  • When GIRLS never fucking text first, we eventually get tired of doing it ourselves. Duh. And if you wait a long time to reply, he might want to do the same thing, or just not reply because it seems like the conversation is over.

    Overall don't judge people based on texting cause texting fucking sucks.


What Girls Said 1

  • He is not interested. Move on. The more you try to hold on to something that isn't there, the more you will hurt.


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