Guys: Do you get mad when a girl plays hard to get over texting?

We were having a good conversation and then he stopped. He just texted me heyy. WOuld you get mad if a girl didn't respond to your texts till the morning? I told him goodnight because he didn't respond to my text. but then two hours later he responds heyy? like wtf?


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  • Honestly you sound like one of those high school girls who kik, whatsap and snapchat and dont take relationships seriously. And you ask if us guys get pussed of course. Sure there are players and asses of men out there but were not all like this some of us take this seriously. I suggest you stop with the childs play and if its a serious thing you take it serious. jeez its no wonder guys on this site are complaining avout girls and making women look bad.

    As for the texting scenario no we dont get mad and he wss probably busy or doing something that clearly was more important than a hey text.

  • thats the gayest shit ever hard to get over text?


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