New boyfriend doesn't shower every day or try to look nice. Any way to change this?

I'm all about just being YOU. But showering every day especially with intimacy involved is important I feel. And just general taking care of yourself, like dressing nice.

My boyfriend commented he felt he looked sloppy compared to me. I assured him he is just fine the way he is, being HIM. But I admit deep down I like the times he's put effort in.

And I feel like a terrible person for liking that better. Because effort I feel is not natural then... And the showering, I don't even know how to bring that up :-/

How should I deal with this? How do I address these things?

I feel the showering is reasonable but the dressing nice may not be. He does dress a bit lazy sometimes. I want him to be comfortable but still.


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  • Have you considered showering together and cudling after? Its super effective against men for sure. If you're not into that try offering him a deal he couldnt resist every time he showered like maybe a massage, a cuddle, a nice private night between the two maybe even throw in a little glass of wine.

    • I think this is a great idea for if I felt he was really needing one but I hope he would catch on and do it on his own too

    • Oh yeah he will trust me i would if it were my case

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