What do guys want?

What do guys want from girls? Asking because the other day my guy friends were asking me what age I would have sex and if I was someone that was into dating or just casually hooking up. Do most guys only want sex and stuff like that or do they want relationships too?


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  • I know that i wanted a genuine, serious, serious, committed relationship ever since before i was even in HS, but i also accepted the fact that sex is a part of a genuine, serious, committed relationship. Just because he wants sex, doesn't mean he doesn't want a relationship. But if he is in his right mind, he would wait for sex until after quite a while of being in a relationship with u.


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  • Most guys care for sex more than a LONG term relationship. But it really comes down to the guy's principles or plan in life; cause some just want to have sex with different girls all their life, some want to enjoy their youth and have sex with different girls until one day they find someone they want to settle with, and some only want a true relationship and have sex with the girl their love. Some won't have sex at all and just save themselves until they get married (i am one of those).

    But again, from my experience, many guys i know care more about sex than anything else. I care about sex a lot too and think about it myself (it's just how we r, men r very sexually driven) but i'm just saving myself for 1 girl.


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