Why are some guys so weird?

I don't understand. My used-to-be guy friend. He has quite a lot of guy friends and yet he feels lonely. His female friends are just like acquaintances. I was one of his close friends and was always there to support him but he has shut me off from his life. Our mutual friends tell me that he is generally sad and lonely right now. Moreover, his statuses certainly shows that he craves for someone who can understand him and care for him. I used to do both and yet he just stopped talking to me and acted like he doesn't need anyone. It has been 2 montha. But now... I wonder why does he push away someone who actually cares for him and then leave himself all alone when this loneliness makes him feel bad. Does he need something else in his life? It's weird because if I have a friend who cares for me, I won't ever let them go.


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  • Lol.. I was always lead to believe that all men are weird in some shape, form or fashion! :)

    Just like us women are impossible to be understood.. Or so we're kept being told! lol


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  • Maybe he doesn't feel comfortable being vulnerable with you? Its not that weird... no one likes to feel vulnerable... i only have one person on the planet id ever fall apart with.

    • But we have been friends for quite long. Moreover, I never pushed him for anything. He was free to talk to me about his feelings when he felt comfortable and he did. Even though he might not want to be vulnerable, but at least I cared for him.

    • There are levels of comfort with different people, that's all there is to it this situation isn't about you or y'alls friendship.. he's going through something & obviously its not something he feels comfortable discussing with you or maybe anyone so he's pushing you away

  • SOME guys?

    • Hahaha I don't want to offend the entire male population.

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    • Maybe the entire Earth population is weird lol. Now no one would be offended xD

    • YES! well put lol

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