If a guy slept with a married woman?

If a guy slept with a married woman and they had a connection and things went south because of the drama that comes along with that sort of stuff, would he want another shot with her if she were single? Or would that ship have already sailed?


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  • It'd really depend on the guy.


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  • Depends on the drama.. What happened?

    • I suck at lying pretty much. Didn't think any of it through. Husband worked a lot on road; he's gone pretty much most of the year. Anyways, my phone died when I was hanging out with this guy n his friends. Didn't think much about it. When my phone turned back on everything blew up... had lots of missed calls n texts. Husband had gotten a hold of my family... they all blew up my phone. Everything was cool with me n this guy until sh*t hit the fan with me n husband. We were still talking for a while after I got caught that night hanging with him. I didn't handle the situation, stress, drama of it all that well. I kinda started to bother the guy with texts pretty much everyday. This guy kinda started pulling away and I him, since he seemed to n also seemed to play games a bit. Mutual friends started to introduce him to another friend. After we stopped talkin, we met up so I could get my things from him. He said we were cool & that he didn't lose respect for me but everything was just crazy.

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