The Random Birthday Gift?

So, my birthday is this Friday and I invited him (along with other people!) over for a party. He texted me saying that he can't come and that he promised to make it up to me... When I said that its completely ok, he said that he'd get me a birthday gift. I tried to get him to change his mind but he's extremely stubborn. Is he just very nice? Or does this add to my previous post of him liking me?


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  • Hello there.
    Personally, since I have no knowledge of you, him, or your previous post, I cannot give my opinion whether he "likes" you or not.
    However, I can say that, personally, I give people gifts in that fashion you have described, because I put much importance on dates like birthdays and I myself would be stubborn to buy a gift as to make up or simply show that I care, despite the other saying it was unnecessary. I will say that it is a rather odd trait if not rare for someone to do it with no other reason that just to be kind, and I doubt it to be something anyone would do.
    If anything, I would state that it would be odd if he didn't having any inclination towards you. But, as stated, I know nothing of you or him.

    Bottomline, it is possible he did it just to be nice, but I find it highly unlikely since most people are not like that, unless there is a stronger driving force such as attraction or some sort of interest.

    • As obvious as it may seem, I want to highlight that people don't make efforts like that unless they have a reason for it. Mine main being the importance I put on dates and for having an awkward nature. But I've come to note that the majority of people don't go to such lengths unless they have a strong driving force of their own, as mentioned prior. You would have to read him and see if he shows any indications that it is a common practice for him to do so, or if he shows other signs, such as liking by the way he initiate conversations, looks, acts, and so forth, around your person.

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  • He's probably being honest with you about not being able to come. He probably feels bad because he wants to come and that's the reason for the gift. Im not sure what your previous post was so I can't really tell how much he likes you. Although, it's not likely that he would put that much effort out for a person he didn't care about.


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