How can I get a shy guy who likes me to be affectionate?

We haven't exchanged "I like you"'s but I know he likes me and I like him. He's pretty shy so how can I get him to initiate a hug, habd holding, or even a kiss?


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  • Well first things first, if you know for sure that he likes you, you need to make sure he's aware that it's mutual.

    As a shy guy, I'm constantly over-analyzing everything my crush says and does, and I'm definitely afraid of messing up. Help him retain sanity by telling him. After that, it'll be a lot easier. I guarantee he's afraid you don't like him back, or at least that's how I felt.

    • Well I asked him to my prom and then for Valentine's Day he gave me stuff. I would totally tell him it's just I have initiated a lot in our relationship and I'd rather have him do it.

    • If you're going to like a shy guy, you really can't expect them to take much initiative. But there is a clear line between shyness and lack of interest. If you find that his lack of initiative is showing that he truly doesn't care, don't confuse it with how shy he may be. But from what you said, it's pretty likely that he has interest in you. Shyness is hard to combat, and confronting him may be a little harsh, but if it really matters that much to you, you might want to talk to him about it.

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  • You don't do that all of a sudden. If he doesn't feem comfortable enough with you, you have to make him feel this way first. Then I believe he'll be a little more open and give you the possibilities you want.


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