What do I do when I have given my fiance so many chances? he's failed me and he swears he loves me?

He recently slapped a girls ass under the influence and that really hurt me because we are engaged and it was very disrespectful towards me. He has never cheated on me but has done things to hurt me.


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  • If he hit on other girls, touches them and more when he's drunk, that means that he wants to get with other girls... Maybe he already has and you dont know? Anyways just remember that a lot of people show you who they really are when their drunk :(

    • I live with him i know he doesn't see other women.. but hmm that's true

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    • yeah it sure is we are just engaged and i told him i don't plan on getting married so quick

    • Do a trial run, like live together and do married couple stuff

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  • Stop giving him chances and kick him to the curb. You'd be better off alone than being with someone who disrespects you like that and you'd most likely find a better guy later anyway.

  • Give him an ultimatum next time he does something like that. Its not fair on you to stay in that relationship.

    • if he does something stupid i should just leave?

    • Didn't you say he keeps doing things to hurt you?

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