Was he a total jerk for ripping me off? He was my tutor?

So I met this guy in a sketchy way, (online), who agreed to tutor me. I guess from the first time I met him he realized I was well-off.

He also seemed kind of normal, professional even, but I think he picked up on the fact that I was innocent.

He started texting/emailing me saying he's 'purchasing materials' for me, worth $100, (in before-hand), and I actually bought into it and paid him!

Without asking for a receipt, or even properly asking what it was.

He later kept agreeing to meet me, and 'teach' me things, (he prepared nothing, but just used to talk).

Now the reason I paid, and put up with him, is because I really, really needed some help in my resume/job search hunts. I think he realized this.

He kept saying he thought I had a shot at the job we were preparing for, (when I asked), yet he never saw my transcript, (he just asked me for my grades), and I figured if he ripped me off so much, then well, he likely thought I was dumb or something along those lines?

He was also really insulting at times, like he'd count the money in front of me, or say he had emailed me receipts, and never actually give me anything. He also said he couldn't 'keep meeting me like this,' as though I was wasting his time when I fucking paid the dude.

Ugh I'm so mad... the embarrassing part is I did enjoy our sessions, because I was so bored and jobless at that time that at least they gave me some direction.

I wonder if he thought I was really clueless and maybe even in love with him or something, because I'm assuming a guy like that would think likewise.
I'm thinking about the whole thing, and actually wondering what on earth is wrong with me? How could I have bought into any of this
Should I call the cops?


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  • Talk to the cops. I don't know if they are gonna be able to pursue it though. Your word isn't enough to get a conviction. A judge may not let you prosecute doe that matter unless you got physical proof.

    Not saying your lying, just stating facts.

    • I understand that legally, I don't really have a case.

      The thing is, if he wanted to make some cash, why target a young girl, instead of a guy?

      I think he assumed I was interested in him, or that when I find out, I wouldn't do anything because he's a guy.

      Reason being he would purposely try to sweetly talk to me the first few times, after a while he didn't even continue to try that.

      I did learn from the experience though. Another 'tutor' was trying to rip me off at $120/hour, and using the same old 'sweet' charm on me... ugh.

      It's like, if these people are educated enough to get the degree, why the hell can't they go get a real job instead of doing stupid things like this?

    • Yea that really sucks. Dousch people out there. If I was you I woukd go through an agency or get recommendations from your friends at your school

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  • Yes, I think you got taken advantage of. You could try telling him you want your money back but i don't know how much that would work. Try contacting the police, see what they can do and if that doesn't work you might want to try taking him to small clams court.

    • I don't think he'd give it back, not in the least.

      Getting involved with the police would be a little too intense for me, because even though it is his mistake, my name would also be attached in everything, because police reports ask for both backgrounds.

      The only thing I could think of, is actually convincing him to give me the $550 worth of tutoring, because he is capable of doing that.

      But why would a scam artist like him agree to it, when he already has the money?

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    • Ah I wish I understood that before. I just assumed a well off individual wouldn't have to resort to those things, but I guess you never know with some

    • Yup, unfortunately some people are just like that.

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  • just so you know most cities have free services to help people create a resume/apply for jobs/ practice interviewing

    • I was somewhat aware of that, but I specifically wanted to work in his field, which is highly competitive.

      I think he realized that right away and simply took advantage

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    • The thing is, I have no proof, because he never gave me any receipts.

      Plus, I don't think he was lying about where he used to work, which is a good place, he was probably well aware that even if I told the story, no one may actually believe me because no one would think a guy from that kind of background would stoop so low.

    • I should have understood from the first day itself, when we went to a coffee shop and he wouldn't buy himself a cup of coffee that something was up.

      He just went and used the washroom to avoid it

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  • Call the cops? He sounds like a crook, if you still have his number and e-mail I would talk to an officer about what you could do...

    • I don't have any proof.

      I paid all of it in cash. No receipts, (this is likely why he wouldn't give me any receipts, and kept making up excuses. The first time it was I had blood donated and had to walk back. Second time, I already left my house. Third time he said I emailed it to you, and acted all hurt that I didn't get it.

      I sort of suspected he was a liar, but I don't think he lied about where he worked, he was just a total 20 something year old-asshole, who thought he could make some money off of me.

  • no just kill him

    • I can't get over how much of a jerk he was!

      I can understand if he charged me a little bit extra, but selling me stuff that was available online?

      Complete ass

    • buy a gun and shoot everyone in shopping mall and kill yourself

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